An associate degree is an undergraduate academic program that combines the necessary theoretical knowledge and technical skills required to gain meaningful employment or further studies.

Higher Education Commission, HEC is phasing out the BA/BSc/BCom (2 years) degree programs that are being offered at the undergraduate level in different universities of Pakistan. The two-year Associate Degree replaces the BA/BSc/BCom degrees.

  • HEC Recognized Qualification
  • Equivalent to 14-years Bachelor’s Degree

As a full-time student, Iqra University’s associate degree can be completed in two years. This equates to a minimum of 66 credit hours instead of the 130+ hours required for a bachelor’s degree – which takes four years to complete full time.

After completion of an Associate Degree in two years, students have the option to start working in the field or continue to pursue the BS program at Iqra University.

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